Our main and famous solutions is Bartec. Our three main activities are manufacturing, trading and freight forwarding, all within the construction and industrial sectors.

Precast Connection
Each Grout sleeve features a threaded end (used for the connection to reinforcement at the precast factory) and a wide cavity to perform a grout connection at site.

This is a sonic pipe solution invented to facilitate the integrity testing of foundations using the CSL testing method.
This allows to determine the structural integrity and homogeneity of concrete within diaphragm walls, bored piles, drilled shafts, barrettes, concrete piles or augercast piles.

Tension bar systems
Dextra’s Tension Bars System is usually purchased complete with fork end clevises suitable for connection to the host structure. Typical applications include hangers and supports, cross bracing and truss stiffening elements.

Post Tensioning Bar Systems
Dextra PT range is divided in two major type of bars. This page focuses on the PT Bar systems using Fully Threaded Bar systems, which are usually cut to length as per project requirements, but may also be re-cut in shorter segments and re-used on the project site.

Ground Anchor : Deep Foundation
By definition, micro and mini piles are respectively less than 300mm and 1,000mm of diameter. These narrow-profile foundations require high steel grade reinforcement bars to develop the strength with minimum space.

Ground Anchor : Soil Retention and Stabilisation
Retaining walls for excavations are vertical structures that only allow limited deflection. Typically, pre-stressed active anchors are preferred. High strength tendons anchored to the retaining wall on one end and to the ground on the other end through a bulb of pressure injected grout named ‘bond length’.

On soil-covered slopes, soil is constantly moving downslope due to gravity, therefore larger displacement have to be considered. Typically passive anchors are preferred. High strength tendons are fullygrouted from the face of the slope into the stable ground.

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